Posted by: Roberto | 23 January, 2009

Healthy Tube map puts London through its paces

AN ALTERNATIVE Tube map, showing how many footsteps it takes to walk between stations, has been released in an effort to get Londoners to take more exercise.

The average Londoner walks 43 minutes a day but this falls short of the British Heart Foundation’s recommended 75 minutes or almost five miles. The new map of the Underground, an initiative by insurance firm PruHeath, hopes to help commuters increase their daily steps to the recommended 10, 000.

Research suggests that as many as 20.5 million Brits intend to walk more this year to save money and to get more exercise. PruHealth suggests that to get up to the target, Londoners could get off the Tube a stop early and walk the rest of the way to work.

For commuters heading to Cannon Street from Monument on the District and Circle that will add a mere 99 steps, but hardier folk getting off at King’s Cross on their way to Farringdon would have to trek 2,438 feet – nearly a quarter of the recommendation.

A spokesman for PruHealth said: “Walking is a great form of exercise so it’s very encouraging to see so many people wanting to incorporate it into their daily lives. And crucially, with the economy as it is at the moment, it is also free, which helps if you’re on a tight budget.

“Small changes such as getting off the bus a stop early, shopping locally without taking the car, or taking the dog for a longer walk, are all steps in the right direction. Taking 10,000 steps a day can help protect you against a wide range of diseases including strokes, diabetes and some types of cancer.”

From “The London Paper” – 23.01.2009




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