Posted by: Roberto | 9 September, 2008

How can I lower my blood pressure?

There are a number of ways in which you can lower your blood pressure. Below we list the five main lifestyle changes you can make. Some will lower your blood pressure in a matter of weeks; others will take a little longer. They are listed in order of speed of effect:

Cut down on salt. This means eating more natural foods and fewer processed ones and not adding any extra salt to foods or in anything you cook. Salt naturally raises your blood pressure, eating less will reduce this effect. Please see our salt information page.

Increase your fresh fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat at least five, or better still, seven to nine different portions a day. Fruit and vegetables contain potassium that counters the effect of salt and helps to lower blood pressure. Please see our fruit and vegetables page.

Drink alcohol in moderation. No more than 3-4 units per day for men and no more than 2-3 units per day for women. Drinking more than the recommended limits over a long period will slowly raise your blood pressure. Please see our alcohol page.

Increase your level of activity. Build in 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five times per week. Being active not only gives your heart a good work out, but it also helps your arteries to stay flexible and better able to cope with the demands of daily life. Please see our physical activity page.

Lose weight if you are overweight. Your doctor or nurse will be able to tell you your ideal weight. Excess weight puts extra strain on your heart and your arteries. Please see our managing your weight page.

The good news is that these changes really do work and will help to lower your blood pressure for life.

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