Posted by: Roberto | 24 August, 2008

REPs – Register of Exercise Professionals

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has been set up to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of people who are using the services of exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers.

The Register uses a process of self-regulation that recognises industry-based qualifications, practical competency, and requires exercise professionals to work within a Code of Ethical Practice.

Members of the Register are given a card and registration certificate to prove their qualification and membership. Also known as the Exercise Register it operates in the UK and across the world to recognise personal achievement and competencies of qualified exercise professionals.

Roberto Bocchetti is REPs qualified Level 3 Advanced Instructor. He also holds other important qualifications. Call 07508 250 126 if you want to hire Roberto as your personal trainer.



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