Posted by: Roberto | 25 July, 2008

Fast-food meals with a whole day’s fat or salt

Takeaway giants are serving meals containing an entire day’s quota of saturated fat, sugar or salt. The National Consumer Council critices the country’s seven biggest chains for keeping customers in the dark about exactly what is on the menu.

In a report published on 11.07.2008, the watchdog is particularly critical of Pizza Express for failing to provide any information on levels of fat, salt and sugar in its dishes.

And meals from KFC and McDonald’s are revealed as having high levels of ingredients linked to obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. A KFC meal of a Tower burger, BBQ beans, a yoghurt and regular cola contains 5.8g of salt, nearly 100 per cent of the 6g maximum recommended for an adult.

A McDonald’s meal of a quarter-pounder with cheese, medium fries, a medium vanilla milkshake and a chocolate chip muffin comes in at 1,745 calories – almost 90 per cent of a woman’s daily limit. It contains 25g of saturated fat, which is 25 per cent more than a woman should eat in an entire day, and the sugar level of 114g – more than 28 teaspoons – is 27 per cent more.

From “Daily Mail” – Friday, 11.07.2008



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