Posted by: Roberto | 25 March, 2008

Burn calories and fat: cardiovascular exercise

A strong heart is a cornerstone of any fitness program. Aerobic workouts burn a lot of calories and fat, increase the flow of oxygen to the body’s muscles and vital organs (increased “energy”), help you cope with daily stress, and help protect you from heart attacks and many other degenerative diseases.



Cardiovascular fitness can be achieved by any activities that uses continuous and rhythmic movement. Walking, hiking, running, cycling and swimming are good examples.



To maximise results, you also need to exercise hard enough, yet not too hard. An eventual goal will be to engage in cardio effort three to six times per week.



How hard, how often, and how long you work out will be influenced by initial fitness level, your rate of progress and your feedback.



I’ll help you to understand how to use heart rate and perceived exertion to optimize your level of effort, fun and enjoyment.



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